Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baby Benton update.

Hey everyone! We finally had our first prenatal appointment yesterday! What a huge relief! The doctor said that the baby is doing great, but is huge. So I guess he or she is going to be tall like their Daddy! And BB refused to stay still long enough to be measured. We have a little gymnast on our hands. They were having a blast in there. Praise God, Matthew got to be there so that was a huge blessing! It was so great to see our baby for the first time and hear it's tiny heartbeat, together!! We are already in our second trimester, so crazy! So far I seem to be feeling pretty well. Although, I do go numb sometimes and get really bad migraines. And the usual.... Vomiting. But not too bad. Our next appointment will be March 13. And then we will know the sex the first week of April. So that is our BB update.

Matthew left this morning and will not be home until March 14th! It is going to be a long month without him! We are still praying that somehow the Lord will provide a way for him to at least be here for the birth! So if everyone could keep that in your prayers, that would be great! Also prayers for Matthew to be safe and well while he is out to sea. We are sure learning patience through all of this. The military life is a whole nother kind of life. It is crazy how different it really is! But we feel so blessed and know that God will get us through this!

We sure do miss all of you! We hope that you are all doing well! Hope to get to see you soon!


The Cromers said...

That is SO exciting, guys! We are definitely praying for your family and for sweet BB!!! Please keep us updated on how you're feeling Steph, and please call if you need anything!!!

Ashley and Darrell said...

I am praying for yall. I am sorry that Matt has to be out to sea, but it is so comendable what he is doing protecting our country God will honor that :)

So excited about the little baby!! let us know right away the sex!!!!!!

The Koch's said...

YAY for BB! So much fun, just wait until you go for your next ultrasound. Glad to hear everything is going well for you and BB. We will be praying for the situation with Matt and the Navy and for BB.
Keep us updated. Miss you guys!!