Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Matthew's homecoming!

God is Good isn't He! I am sure you can guess, Matthew's ship arrived home yesterday! He got in about 9:15 AM. It was such a crazy exciting day for us! Just to be together again! It really felt like he never left!! It was such a great experience seeing how they really do things. Watching the ship pull into port and all the time it takes just to make a ship that size stop. It was great just to watch all the families getting to see their loved ones, and every child I saw running to their mommy or daddy, I teared up! It was so great! And when I saw Matthew, it was a moment that I cant explain. Praise the Lord for bringing him home safely! Thanks for everyones prayers for him through all this! Also, thanks for your prayers for me! We love you all! I will have Matthew send you all a little update, so he can tell you more! For more pics. you can visit my myspace page.