Thursday, July 31, 2008

News from San Diego...

Hey everyone! I know I am terrible at this blogging and keeping you all up dated! Everything in San Diego has been a little crazy lately! We recently had to rush the little man, Samson to the pet ER for swallowing a sewing need and thread. It was a very long night that started at 8 p.m. and ended after 4 a.m. the next day, that was when we left the hospital. Needless to say, Samson did not get to come home until 10:30 the next night. He had surgery to remove the needle and they also removed his spleen, just because it was abnormal. But he is alive and well and feeling much better!! Matthew and I are still a little sick though, just because of the pretty $2600 he cost us that night =)! But we love him!

I am so as most of you know we have finally found a church that we love and are finally making some non Navy friends, which is a major blessing!! The church is just starting and it is great to see the Lord bringing new people every Sunday! Matthew even plays the drums for the worship service! He loves it because he never gets to play. We live in a condo surrounded by babies so needless to say, he is loves being able to play at church!! We have also found a small group, which is good! Even though we still miss our small group from Charleston and nobody can replace that!!!

A couple of nights ago we went to a John Mayer concert. Matthew won tickets and we even got to go to a VIP show before the concert. It was a lot of fun! Something we both needed! Other than that, we have been trying to make our way around San Diego, but it seems like we think we have seen it all and then you find a new place. This place is too big! We have been going to the Zoo a lot! We have a great Zoo, and it is huge! If even in the San Diego area, the Zoo is a must stop! We have recently gone hiking and that was a lot of fun too! This weekend we are planning to do something really special for the whole weekend, we dont know yet. But I will post a blog after.