Friday, March 20, 2009

The new rental.

Matthew and I are so pleased to say that we finally found a house to rent!! We were looking to buy, but looking at 1500 square feet house for 1/2 a million dollars doesnt sound very fun. We found a great rental! It is more than 1300 square feet, but that is like 400 square feet bigger than what we live in now. We already have the keys and can move in anytime! Once we get in and start making it "home" I will put up some pics! It has a huge 2 car garage which is great! And PLENTY of room for BB! It has a living room and a huge family room! Lots of Flowers and we even have an avocado tree. Samson will be very happy because there is a nice bricked in/ fenced in back yard, so he can roam a little! I will put up some pics. as soon as I get some! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update # 2 on BB!

I hope this post finds everyone doing well! Things here lately have been going pretty well! Matthew finally comes home today, so that is awesome! I had my 2nd appointment yesterday and the Dr. said that BB is doing great and sounds healthy! The only problem that we are running across right now is that I am not gaining weight, I am losing =( We dont know why, my belly is growing, but I have yet to gain a lb. and have lost since my last appointment! I have been eating, Lord knows I have been eating!! And I have not gotten sick for over 3 weeks. She said she is not too worried about it now, but I have to have gained weight by my next appointment! So hopefully I will! I also had the quad test yesterday, which I am not stressing about, but we will find out the results to that soon. Other than that things with BB are going great! I will have more of an update soon! We will know if we are having a Nora Grace or Josiah Thomas on April 8! We are so excited to find out and can hardly wait! I hope everyone has a great weekend!