Sunday, August 9, 2009

A long past due blog!

Hey everyone, as we all know, I have never been good at this blogging thing. I just realized that the last time I updated was in April. Ooops. Sorry. Where to begin?? Lets see. Our little guy Josiah Thomas is due in just about 3 weeks. I am actually praying that he stays in for about 4 1/2 more weeks. I know that is a lot to ask the little one, but that is when his Daddy will be coming home, PRAISE THE LORD! After a ton of praying and believing for Matthew to be here, the Lord once again has proven very faithful to us. When we first found out that we were having a baby, the Navy said "Oh well, that is not our problem." They pretty much said no such chance of him coming home. Well the Navy is not God and God said he had another plan =) So they have changed their minds and he will be flying home on Sept. 8th. One week after Josiah is due. So we are very thankful for that.

Matthew deployed last Friday for his big 6 month deployment. We are so thankful that he gets to come home to celebrate Josiah being born! It will be hard to say goodbye though! I cant imagine how is going to feel saying goodbye to not only me this time, but to his newly born son. He wont be home until Feb. So prayers are need for him to stay safe and stay focused on the Lord while he is away. He has no one to fellowship with while he is out to sea. It is really sad to see how little people believe! He is doing great though, we have 2 1/2 years left, and are praying for some guidance on where to go next! Who knows where the Lord may put our family.

Before Matthew left we decided to take a long over due vacation, or as we liked to call it our Honey/Baby moon. Since we never got to take a honey moon we decided now is the time. So while 31 weeks pregnant, we decided to go to Jamaica! And boy are we glad we did! What a blast! We did lots of fun things while we were there. Some of which I could not take part, that is ok though. We snorkeled and hiked and did all kinds of fun stuff. Something we cant wait to do again, Jamaica is so beautiful! We have also done Disney Land the begining of summer and six flags a few weeks ago. I dont suggest six flags when it is 100 degrees and you are 34 weeks pregnant. Other than you cant ride a single ride, it is just too hot. All in all we have been making the most of the last few months as "Matt and Steph". We are so excited to have Josiah join us soon!

Well I suppose this is a pretty good update. I will for sure be doing this more once our little tyke gets here. I will post when he is born. Thanks for reading! Hope all is well with everyone and your families! Cant wait to hear more about what is new in you alls lives! We love you guys!!!