Saturday, April 19, 2008

My journey of "singleness."

Ok... I know that I have not updated this thing in forever!!!! So much to say... First off as I am sure you all know, Matthew has been gone for about a month and a half and we have until June to go. I thought that I was going to freak out and be so sad and it would be the end of the world. Dont get me wrong I am still very sad he is not here with me. The Lord has changed me to a whole new independent woman. It is rather crazy. He is the only reason I have had strength through this. I have yet to find a job, but I have applied at literally 30 or so places... No joke. I had an interview the other day and I am just waiting for that to clear. I just have to meet with them one last time on Monday. It is for a Nanny job, full time and the pay is pretty darn good. So that is a blessing. Also I am starting on line classes to get my teaching degree and I start that in a couple of months. So I am going to be busy. I have not only changed my life without the man that I love. I have also changed my everyday living, I have decided to take upon myself a new journey called, "Weight loss!" It is NOT an easy one. My goal is to lose 30lbs and I have lost 8. Other than working out everyday, I am eating much healthier. For me that is a huge accomplishment!

Matthew is doing well. I am sure most of you have gotten some emails from him. He is still trying to get the hang of things. I suppose living on a ship with 6,000 other people cant be comfortable. When he first got to his ship he took an exam to get his next rank and he finds out how he did soon. So that will be a blessing if he gets it. He got very ill not too long after he got there, but is feeling much better! He has also decided to take on the, "Weight loss" journey. Even though he didnt need to. His first port was Japan and he said he had a blast. Today they pulled into Guam, where he will be scuba diving for the first time. So I am very excited that he gets to experience such awesome things. God has truly been good to him, keeping him safe so far.

On another note. I thought my world would crumble around me without him here. The Lord has been with us this whole time and made our marriage incredibly strong. It is kinda weird to have to be the husband and the wife while he is away, taking care of everything. Monday is our 2nd wedding anniversary and that sucks he wont be here to celebrate, but we are just so thankful for 2 wonderful years as "THE BENTONS." It is so crazy to think you can feel so close to someone without them being here everyday. Our marriage has matured so much and our love is just as deep now or even deeper as the day he left.

I miss you all dearly and really wish we could be there! We are so sad that we have missed celebrating the births of 2 beautiful babies and we'll miss celebrating Malia's birth as well! I am also terribly sad to not have small group on Friday nights. My Fridays are so boring now, it is sad. I pray for you all!
Love you guys!