Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update from sunny San Diego.

Hey everyone! I know this is way past due! As I have said before I am horrible at this! I dont even know how to add friends blogs to our page!?! Anyway things here have been hectic lately! From the last time I blogged, which I think was JULY?!?! I have quit my nanny job and moved on to an amazing teaching job! It is at a school called The Institute for Effective Education. It is a researched based school for servilely autistic children! I absolutely love it there! I have been there since Sept. We are still loving San Diego, esp. now this last week in JANUARY it has been in the 80's~ so we cant complain too much! Our christmas was great Matthew and I both took vacation for a little over 2 weeks, so that was nice and much needed!!!! We had a low key Christmas, and then for the New Year we decided to take a little road trip to Las Vegas. It is just shy of 5 hours from our house. We had a blast in Vegas. Needless to say we did not come back Millionaires! But we did come back with some great memories!! Matthew is still of course in the Navy and waiting for some guidance from the Lord! We have no clue where we are supposed to be right now. This has been weighing down on him for so long now and it has him completely stressed! We also got a huge surprise, as I am sure most of you know by now we found out on the 4th of this month, we are having our fisrt baby. Due Sept. 1st! We were both surprised but so very happy!! We could use prayers for a healthy fast heartbeat at our first appointment! We could also use prayers that some how Matthew could be here when the baby joins us! He is due to be deployed at the end of July and return either Jan. or Feb. of 2010. So he will miss from birth until the baby is 4 or 5 months old =(! On another note, Madison and Samson are doing well! Both are still loving to sleep! We tried the dog park with Samson and he laid under Matthew's feet the entire time! He was having non of it! Gosh we wish we could be back in Charleston we talk about how much we miss it and all of you!! Sorry this is so past due!!! We will keep you updated on BB aka Baby Benton. Our first appoinment is set for Feb. 17, but I am trying to find a new Dr. Because that appointmen will be passed my 12 week mark and of course I do not want to wait that long! I will keep you all posted. Oh I guess it would be nice of me to tell you how far along we are, we are 8 weeks today! Please just send your prayers and thoughts this way! I am nervous and esp. since there is a chance Matthew will miss it all! We have already had to make a trip to the ER. But thank goodness the baby and I are both fine. Anyway, we miss you all and cant wait to see you guys again!!!! Love you guys!