Thursday, April 9, 2009

Josiah Thomas Benton.

As I am sure that all of you know that we found out yesterday that our little one is a boy. A very shy boy =). Everything went great at our appointment, the ultrasound tech. said he is doing great and he is developing in all the ways that he should. We are so thrilled to have a baby boy join our family! Poor Josiah did not like the ultrasound though. He was pretty much in a ball the entire time! We didnt think we would know yesterday what the baby was. He finally lifted his little leg and there is was. A Boy! So I am going to be out numbered by 4 now. Madison and Samson are boys as well. I dont mind a bit though!

Other than that, we are finally almost in our new house all the way, everything is in, just not quite set up (almost though)! Praise the Lord! Once we get everything in order, I will put up some pics. Matthew leaves on Tues. for a little over a week, still no word if there is a chance he will be home when Josiah gets here. We are praying! Madison and Samson are doing great and Samson LOVES the new house; mostly the back yard! We love the house as well and we are finding that our neighbors are all very sweet! So that is a big blessing as well! That is about it for the Benton family update! We hope that everyone has a great Easter!

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Ashley and Darrell said...

I am so excited for yall. he will be such a cute boy! :)